Obituary - Maud Maslin - Class of 1886

Maud Maslin
Class of 1886

Sacramento Daily Record-Union

© Published on August 29, 1887

Maud Maslin

Block OMiss Maud Maslin, of this City, Drowned in the Yuba River. Information was received by telegraph from Cisco Saturday morning that Miss Maud Maslin, the interesting and accomplished daughter of E. W. Maslin, Secretary of the State Board of Equalization, had been drowned in the Yuba River, near Cisco, on the previous evening. The young lady, with members of the family and other Sacramentans, including M. R. Beard and family, were camping out not far from Cisco. Friday afternoon, about 2 o'clock, she left camp to go to Cisco to call upon Miss Schaw of this city, who met with a slight accident a few days before. When she did not return to camp that evening no uneasiness was felt, as it was presumed that she had remained over night with her friend; but in the morning the shocking discovery was made that she had fallen into the river from a little foot-bridge she had to cross and was drowned.

Some time ago it was intended to construct a substantial bridge at that point, and abutments were built and some of the stringers placed upon them loosely, but there the work stopped. Parties desirous of crossing walked over on the timbers, which furnished a surface of about a foot in width. They were about fifteen feet above the water. The river is about thirty-five feet wide, and at one place near the bridge is a pool probably fifteen feet deep, while, at other places the water is quite shallow.

Miss Maslin's body was found lying in the stream near the bridge, and the indications were that she had fallen in while crossing. She was very near-sighted, and consequently it was more dangerous for her on such a narrow path than for others. She had crossed the bridge two or three times before, and subsequently, in conversation with friends, had spoken of the beauty of the scene, and related how she had sat on the bridge for five or ten minutes watching the water as it flowed by into the pool. It is quite possible that she lingered there Friday afternoon, and either grew dizzy or in sitting down or arising made a misstep and fell.

Deceased was about 19 years of age, grew up in this city, and was a graduate of the Oakland High School. She was very much thought of by all who knew her because of her friendliness, modesty, quick intelligence and other becoming qualities. The remains were brought to this city yesterday morning, and the funeral will take place from St. Paul's Church at 4:00 p. m. to-day.