Roberta Peters
Class of 1954

Excerpts from the funeral service, July 10, 1988.

"The Dance of Life"
Plant your feet upon the earth
Lift your arms toward the sky
Fill your chest with buoyant air
Beat Life's blood to every pore
Rejoice and send your soul aloft
Create and grow in endless ways
Dare to dance the untrod paths
Reach and find God's perfect peace

By Roberta P. Shekerjian July 10, 1986

Roberta Peters Roberta wrote the above words and lived them. Dr. Shekerjian spent her pediatric professional life in Fresno for the past 21 years. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa at the University of California, Berkeley and from Stanford Medical School in 1962. She was a member of the medical staff at Valley Children's hospital, St. Agnes Hospital and Fresno Community Hospital where she was Chairperson of Pediatric Advisory.

Her intellect served not only medicine but also the arts. During High School in Oakland, she performed with the Sergei Temoff Dance Troupe in the Bay Area. She was active in Dance and Drama clubs through her life. Recently, Roberta was awarded for her photography. She was a supporting member of the Fresno Repertory Theatre and a Contributor to The Fresno Philharmonic.

She has three children, Karen (24), Gary (22) and Linda (18). She was a member of the Armenian First Presbyterian church. In addition to her children, she is survived by her mother and father, Dorothy and Edward Peters of Walnut Creek, a brother, Albert Peters of Piedmont, her grandchildren, Jennifer and Jacqueline Schnee of Fresno, and her children's father, Haig Shekerjian.

(A short excerpt from a fellow pediatrician, Dr. Leonard Thompson: )
"Roberta, beloved daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother....was one of us. She worked in the trenches of pediatrics. Mine eye is lifted up unto the wallclock, over the warming tables, out to the bedside, through hallways, into hospital rooms and thence to office in daily ritual. All this for twenty-one years. Moving toward her final days, she was mythic to me; a sacrifice to an age, a profession, a way of believing. Roberta was an intelligent, caring physician who maintained a steady aim and positive attitude in what seems unbearable circumstances. I knew her as a trail blazer in Fresno Pediatric circles. I knew her as a caring physician and a lover of children, especially supportive of their dreams. Pediatricians are not just for baby shots, earaches and head bonks (although parents can be eternally grateful for attention in these matters); but they aid in transitions in helping families cope and grow. Roberta was good at this."