Obituary - Theodor Theodoroff - Class of 1954

Theodor Theodoroff
Class of 1954

April 2009

Theodor Theodoroff

Theodor Theodoroff Ted Theodoroff (class of '54) passed away in February of 2008.

Ted was a true genius and as such was quite reclusive. He joined no clubs, never attended a reunion or any social functions and refused to have his picture taken. Ted was a chess champion, a pianist, an artist and a teacher. He had a droll sense of humor if ever one could get him in a conversation.

I can picture Ted, with his dark gypsy looks, his serious demeanor and self-contained personality. I will never know how someone as frivolous as I am became friends with him.

I remember once he played a beautiful sonata and when he finished I said it was adorable. He was highly insulted and said that classical music may be many things but never "adorable" or "cute"! That's how our friendship was for nearly sixty years. He corrected my letters and made fun of my "valley speak" that I used purposely to annoy him...and I told him there was an entire world out there, with wonderful things to see and do if he would only come out of his shell.

Very few will remember him and those who do will only remember a quiet, introverted and brilliant young man. He lived in California all his life or at least since I met him in 10th grade, and had four daughters.

Life just isn't the same without him.

Edna Saunders (Jukofsky)
[OHS Jan '54]