Irvin Pescador
Class of 2006

© Published on Sunday, September 3, 2006

Irvin Pescador
Worker killed when engine falls on him

An Oakland man was crushed to death Friday when a truck engine fell on him in an auto shop in north Richmond, authorities said.

Irvin Pescador, 18, was working at AP Trucking on West Gertrude Avenue a little before 3 p.m. Friday, when he needed to drain the oil from a truck engine, said Sgt. Brad Harms of the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department.

Pescador and a co-worker decided to lift the engine off the ground with a forklift, Harms said. Pescador and the co-worker wrapped chains around the engine and looped the chains over the forklift, then raised the forklift.

While his co-worker left to find an oil pan, Pescador got under the engine to remove lug nuts. The engine started to sway and slowly slipped forward on the tips of the forklift, causing the forklift to pitch forward. The engine dropped onto Pescador's chest and abdomen, and crushed him, Harms said.

Pescador's co-worker returned and used the forklift to raise the engine off Pescador's chest, but it was too late, Harms said.

Pescador's father also works at AP Trucking, as a supervisor, and was on the scene shortly after his son's death.

The incident was reported to the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Harms said.