Obituary - Charles Keyes - Principal

Charles Edwin Keyes
OHS Principal 1908-1929

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Principal Charles Keyes

Charles Edwin Keyes, of Belpre, and Hockingport, Ohio; born at Laurel Furnace, Ky., Aug. 31, 1855; died at Oakland, Calif., Oct. 26, 1941; Dr. and Mrs. Keyes [Mary Virgninia Cook] are buried at Oakland, Calif. He was the son of Capt. Edwin and Sibyl Draper (Sargeant) Keyes; Capt. Keyes, 116th O. V. Il, civil War, was wounded during Hunter's Lynchburg raid, left in the hands of the Confederates and died near Lynchburg, Va.; buried at Hockingport, Ohio. He entered the service from Tuper's Plains, Meigs Co., Ohio, where he was teaching in an Academy.

Charles Edwin Keyes attended Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio, but did not graduate. He chose teaching as a profession: Principal of schools, Belpre, Ohio, 1879, and again 1885-7; conducted a private school for advanced pupils at Hockingport; principal of Ravenswood, W. Va. schools 1887-89. In 1889 he removed his family to Portland, Oreg., where he was Latin teacher in the High School 1889-95; taught in Oakland, Calif., 1896-99; superintendent of schools, Riverside, Calif., 1899, and principal of Oakland High School 1900 until his retirement, after fifty-eight years of active school work. Marietta College conferred upon him the degree of M.A., and in June 1937 the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws.