Obituary - Paul W. Pinckney - Principal

Paul W. Pinckney

© Published in the 1967 Oaken Bucket on the occasion of his retirement



STUDENT Seldom have so many and varied accomplishments been attained by one man as reflected in the career of Mr. Pinckney.

He has served in almost every important capacity in the field of Education. Born in Montana he moved to the state of Washington at an early age. After progressing through the public schools he attended the Western Washington College of Education, and the University of Washington, where he received his Master of Arts degree. He started his teaching career as a teacher-principal in a two-room country school. After eight years, he became an elementary school principal in a city school system, a position which he held for 14 years. From there he was invited to the Washington State Department of Secondary Education. He came to Oakland in 1947 and has served for 20 years as principal of Oakland High School.

Mr. Pinckney has taught during summers at the state universities of Illinois, Minnesota and Nebraska, at Columbia University and San Francisco State College. In addition, he served on the State Curriculum Commission, was a leader in developing the Accreditation Commission for Western Schools and Colleges; and has served on numerous accrediting committees. He is presently serving on the National Curriculum Commission.

His philosophy is revealed by his belief that the most important job in education is the high school principalship. A fitting tribute to his service in this area is contained in a letter received from an administrator in a neighboring school district following Mr. Pinckney's participation on a high school accreditation committee:

"Throughout the deliberations I was impressed with the insight, wisdom and understanding displayed by Mr. Pinckney. At the end of our three day visit, I was convinced that Oakland High School had, without question, the top secondary principal in the entire Bay Area." This high regard for Mr. Pinckney is reflected by all of his colleagues in the Oakland Public Schools.

Stuart Phillips
Superintendent of Schools